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Present Day Dohrn Transfer

After being reborn in 1981, Dohrn Transfer has grown strongly every year. Our headquarters is located in Rock Island, Illinois, one of the Quad Cities. We have an additional nineteen terminals strategically located throughout the Midwest, with locations chosen close to, but not directly in, major metropolitan areas to keep our prices sound and our service strong.


Dohrn remains a family business, with Gary Dohrn, his wife, daughter, son and son-in-law all working full time in their respective areas. The fourth generation is committed to be here for the long term, with the focus on being the strongest Midwest carrier we can be, always offering cost effective services and tailoring ourselves to what our diverse customer base desires.

We offer a large array of services that all center around moving, consolidating, and storing your freight to keep your business at maximum efficiency. Our less-than-truckload trucking operation is the backbone of the company, but our size and ownership gives us the flexibility to offer many specialized services that build upon our strong trucking foundation.

Give us a call today and see what our team and knowledge can bring to your company.